Hi, We are Focus.

Toronto Wedding Photographers & Cinematographers

Our family started in 2009.


Our family members practice a very easy going and non-invasive style during your wedding day.

This is not to be mixed up with us taking our job of producing the best quality lightly.

As years passed by, our family grew and so did our production studio.

Now we have a family of 20 + talented photographers and videographers catering to all Toronto weddings and the occasional destination weddings.

Our Focus family are determined and dedicated to serving you our best work.

Can’t wait till we get to meet you!


Toronto Wedding Photography

We provide the best wedding photography in Toronto. Our artists will have it all captured from the moment the bride starts getting herself prepared for the big day till the moment the newly-wed couple leave for the honeymoon. 

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Toronto Wedding Videography

“ Marriage is a mosaic you build with your spouse. Millions of tiny moments that create your love story.”
A mosaic from the beginning of your never ending love story, in other words, a long lasting wedding video.

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Engagement Photography and Bridal Portrait

Our team of wedding photographers are ever-ready to capture the everyday lives of you and your sweetheart. View our portfolio of Toronto engagement photography!

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Starting Your Journey With Us

Schedule a day to start your journey of documenting your lifetime journey with us

We would love to know your story, your wedding date, your plans for the wedding (location, theme etc)

Not only will this help us know you better, it will help us prepare for work that fits your visions

See you soon!

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